Fucking crazy. I hope everyone on campus stays safe. Who the fuck would do this on finals week 😡 #fau

Is introductory stats easier than methods of calc? 

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Finally got our owl cards! #fau#owls (Taken with Instagram)


But like this was my favorite part #fau (Taken with instagram)

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So I went to FAU for campus day with T yesterday and I actually liked it.

Except for the cyclists, they can go to hell. 

But I’m excited :)

I was watching his speech and it makes me sad knowing that I will be going to school with people like this that exist. He was making a policy speech and I would think that all college students would have the level of maturity to properly conduct themselves in front of the goddamn president.. but sadly they don’t. 

Anyway it was still cool he came to Boca. And his hooting was very adorable.